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 Welcome to Lower Tinkers Farm Official Website.

 We are a welcoming and friendly Allotment site in Northfield Birmingham. You can find us in Lockwood Road. Our Association Allen's Cross Estate (Northfield) Gardeners' Guild manage the site on behalf of the Birmingham City Council. We are all volunteers who hold regular meetings and run events throughout the year. Look around our web-site and see what we get up to!

Message from the Chairman

The new growing season has nearly arrived!!! In contrast to last winter we have had a mild winter

and signs of spring are already showing. The Allotment Shop is now fully stocked for the new season. The updated Shop Sales Price List for the new season is currently being updated and will be emailed out to all plot holders as soon as possible. We have also available a supply of timber suitable for making / repairing the borders of growing beds / building frames etc. Our Shop prices are very competitive with most garden centres / retail stores / on line sales. Please support the Allotment Shop as it is a key source of income to support projects and developments on site.

The potato, onion and shallot orders are now available for collection from the site office. Please collect these a.s.a.p. as now is the time for chitting the seed potatoes and preparing to plant onions and shallots. If you are a new plot holder don’t hesitate to ask for advice with regard to getting your plotready for the growing season plus sowing seeds etc. there are many experienced gardeners on site who are more than happy to share their knowledge with you.

March is the first month of the calendar year when we are permitted to light bonfires on site. Please follow the guidance below. We ask all plot holders to be considerate of our neighbours when setting bonfires – a clear late afternoon / evening with little or no wind is best and causes fewest problems with drifting smoke.

We are approaching the end of our fifth financial year under the Management Agreement introduced by the City Council in April 2014. The Committee are meeting on March 31st to start preparing the association budget plan for the new financial year and preparing the agenda for the Annual General Meeting on Sunday, April 28th, 2019 at 11.00 a.m.. If any plot holders would like any items included in the AGM agenda please contact either Chris Hughes or myself when we are on site or email either of us on the addresses below.

Chris Smith (Chairman) Contact: Mob. 07746 963184 Email: lowertinkers@gmail.com Chris Hughes (Secretary) Contact: Mob. 07973 303299 Email: lowertinkers@gmail.com 


Do you want a plot or do you know anyone who wants a plot?

Having an allotment has many benefits. Firstly a supply of fresh-couldn't be fresher!-vegetables, for a healthy diet. Also an active life style- digging is good for you-yes really! Finally a chance to be part of a community and meet new friends. So contact your local allotment site now.
                                  E-mail lowertinkers@gmail.com or
call Chris Hughes on 07973303299

Vandalism and theft on site

In the event of and theft or vandalism on site could plot holders please could report any instances to the police and receive a crime number.This should be given to the Committee who have been asked to give crime numbers and details of the instances to the Council.

 Police contact details:-Switchboard 0845 113 5000

Crimestoppers: 0800 555 111Click to add text, images, and other content

Up coming events

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